Download the Files

Download the Rules

Download the Board
The zip file includes the full board plus the board cut up to 6 pieces in case you want to print them separately to create a foldable board.

Download Cards and Tokens as separate images
In this zip file each card and token is an individual jpg file. If you have some advanced print and play method, this might make creating your copy easier.

Download Cards and Tokens on A4-sized sheets
Actually this is how I made my prototype, printing such images on full-page label papers, pasting them on colored cardboard sheets so that their backs were of a different color by card type, then cutting the cards around with scissors. Yeah, it took a hell of a lot of time.

For the Visited tokens I used colored glass beads.
To make the Character markers stand upright I took plastic stands from Arkham Horror.
You may use anything for the First player token as long as it’s easy to pick up and pass around.
That’s about all you need to start playing.


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